Tuesday, March 29, 2005


The Hindu : Metro Plus Bangalore / Events : Four books and some asides

recently i attended a book release of one of my teacher
this article is bout the same

in this article you find

"But I thought other people's stories was gossip!" was one aside to this from a member of the audience, which set off some muffled giggles. Those who sat (or stood) close to the student group in the audience said they were kept mightily entertained by several such asides, which were particularly sharp when one of the teachers spoke.

lol thats in ref to me and a bunch of my juniors aaahahaha

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


i stand
i am
i will
i have
i shall
the truth
the sole reaper
the solitary weeper
i do
i did
just i

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


krraghu111111 has joined the conference.
kesavan_m19: Vaa da Rag...enna long time no see?
krraghu111111: hi hi hi hi
krraghu111111: vanakam
venkatpv83: hi rag
deepsun_1: hi ragu
krraghu111111: hello pv
sunu83: hi raghu
krraghu111111: hi sun
krraghu111111: sunanya dane?
venkatpv83: sunanya????????
sunu83: dont spoil my name
krraghu111111: savi cof aramichutu escape aitala?
krraghu111111: srry srry
krraghu111111: ur name?
kesavan_m19: Sun...Tams have probs in pronouncing your name
sunu83: aandaalamma visaalakshi kaamakshi
krraghu111111: enna pa
kesavan_m19: Rag...alaiyadha
krraghu111111: what?
kesavan_m19: visaalakshi, kaamakshi not iyengar names k
raghu111111: hey im lil confused
kesavan_m19: Does someone always have to be comfused?
krraghu111111: seri whos sunu83 then
sunu83: sunil
krraghu111111: tala irunda confuse agama enna saivanga
krraghu111111: k
sunu83: 21 m rec trichy
krraghu111111: sunil frm?
kesavan_m19: Naa yaara da confuse pannen?
sunu83: doing civil engg
krraghu111111: oh gr8
sunu83: you?
krraghu111111: final yr ECE
krraghu111111: vec chennai
sunu83: oh ok
kesavan_m19: Project over a da?
sunu83: no da
krraghu111111: k7 unnoda akka tangachigala lam enga kanum
sunu83: nobody took me
sunu83: i flunked 4th sem
krraghu111111: aiyo pavam
kesavan_m19: Ennoda akka thangachigal?
krraghu111111: oh tappa solliteno
kesavan_m19: Sunil its ok man...failures are the stepping stones to future successes
krraghu111111: i ment sun,savi,shy
sunu83: yaaru daa adhu raghu inge yaaru figs e illai first time here very boring
kesavan_m19: Unnoda akka thangachigal enakkum akka thangachigala?
kesavan_m19: Sunil...patience and perseverance pays
krraghu111111: ammam tala anna savi shy lam ennoda sisters ille
sunu83: it does a? avalo experienceaa??
krraghu111111: enga pv a kanum?
venkatpv83: dei oru fig kooda PMing da
kesavan_m19: Aamam Sunil...wait and watch
krraghu111111: paavi pv
venkatpv83: rag
krraghu111111: us ponalum pona ore kadala 7ya
kesavan_m19: Yaaru da?
sunu83: adhu dhaan nee sollaren ... 1 hour i wait here no figs showing (puns intended)
venkatpv83: dei sunu naaye, adangu da
kesavan_m19: Wait pannu Sunil...avasara padadha
krraghu111111: tala na kalabikaren
sunu83: dei pv baada alaiyaadh da
krraghu111111: shy vanda invite pabbu
venkatpv83: ok da bye rag
krraghu111111: pannu
venkatpv83: ada paradesi
krraghu111111: ille savi vanda
kesavan_m19: bye da Rag
sunu83: rag bye
kesavan_m19: And no more invites
venkatpv83: podango
krraghu111111: tala pls da
venkatpv83: rag, no da
deepsun_1: hi sunil nice meeting u
deepsun_1: rag dont know u?
sunu83: hi deep
krraghu111111: pv enna parthan kitendu totindruta?
venkatpv83: u have stepped into our territory
sunu83: no deep
krraghu111111: bye
deepsun_1: oh.. i c
krraghu111111 has left the conference.
sunu83: raghu = jollu # 1

Monday, March 21, 2005

Black Mamba herself!

You are The Bride! Revenge is your middle name, if
people betray you, you don't stand by and let
them win, good for you!

man was i kicked or what when i took this test and got this result...

p.s. - thank you ajay for the link hehehe i am maha thrilled!!

what makes a perfect monday?

what makes a perfect monday?

a book to read
lots of time to kill
no deadlines to adhere
no office to go to
no work to do
just music playing on
close friends around
what more could one want?

some good telly shows
maybe some good movie
a few telephonic convos
and loadsa junk to eat
a frothfilled pint or two
and maybe a rolled one too
some philosophical lethargy
what more could one want?

an idyllic getaway maybe
reading poetry and verses
on a nice sandy shore
the nice music of the waves
and some seafood to nibble on
weed wine would be very fine
some nice chocolates too
maybe that special someone
what more could one want?

some nice heavy metal
in a pub with enthu people
headbanging to glory
with some chicken tikka
marilyn manson maybe
or some led zepplin
some metallica for sure
oh metal metal metal
what more could one want?

a nice warm blanket
still lying in bed
a warm cuppa chocolate
with floyd in the head
watching cartoons
good ol' tom n jerry!
laughing away to glory
what more could one want?

what more could one want?
what more could one want?
what more could one want?

well i could go on writing on what more one could want...
but sorry hunny as of now i'm bloody sick of this font!

Friday, March 18, 2005

of shooting 13 times

so i promised myself
i am off stuff
i am off it all
i need to stop
i need to regulate
before i do fall

quite fine i was
yes i say fine
i did stay off all
like the plan of mine
i kept away, far
and did ... stand tall

a sudden thought
'ah who am i kiddin!'
whats there to lose
... serious... i'd say
whats the need
for the this recluse

finally yes finally
'twas that friday night
i did ... venture ahead
o fools what did you think
i had something to prove?
haha just 'twas emotions withheld

back i am i exlcaim
back i am i also claim
now should i dance n jump?
am i to celebrate
am i to speculate
but for sure this IS my trump!

Thursday, March 17, 2005


sometimes words defy emotions
sometimes emotions defy words
words can also define emotion
same goes vice versa
emotions words
silence voids
almost mechanisation
yet human gesticulation
situations arise
situations arise
help me oh lord
when these i realise :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

back... or am i?

hmm quiet... that's been the status of my blog in the previous few days
why? i have no answer myself... probably have been bored to write as i do that at work as well...
hmm... thats not reason enough i know... especially editing writing of boring techies who cant tell the difference between 'lose' and 'loose'!
well that apart its been pretty 'upbeat' here my life hehe
ok those who didn't get that, which would mean all but sowmya and remote chances of her reading my blog... upbeat is the name of the performing arts special we at work are having ... been busy coordinating with junta for workshops for those... hmm met interesting folks to say the least! some cute 'uns, some otherwise, some boring 'uns, some interestin, some lets say complete turn offs hahaha... funny they're all still group together under the macro classification of 'homo sapiens' hehe
oooh this reminds me of a joey joke! *with a serious contemplative face* "so tell me were the homo sapiens really HOMOS for them to go extinct' hahaha

so its been ages since i wrote poetry so hmm let me try my ever failing hand at it!

so distinct from me
so different from i
the stranger in the dark
the one that cluthes my palm
that seem so distant from me
yet so near to me
that i love so much
the one with the caring touch
the light guiding my path
the one to calm my wrath
the ultimate solace of my insecurity
my cover in times of adversity
i need i want i crave
i cry out aloud

sorry for the soppy post :) but lifes like that