Wednesday, October 08, 2008

And what prize does naiveté get?

A newspaper office usually means the journalists get a lot of letters and emails from readers, which can be either adulatory or downright derogatory too. But once in a while, you have naïve, honest readers writing in, who can just brighten a bad day, with their unintentional humour.

Last week, the features team in our paper had a good laugh too. I take care of a couple of columns in the tabloid Bengaluru Chronicle and one of these columns, ‘ISITE’ had this snail mail from a lady, sent by courier. I like opening mails, be it electronic or snail, for this column as they come out with great surprises.

When I tore open the envelope, I was quite baffled to see a cut out of one of the previous columns. My initial reaction was, “Oh God! Did I make any error that a reader has marked it out and sent it to me.” But later, as I peered into the paper cutting, I see that it was this picture sent by one of readers in Nanjangud, where there was one small infant amidst many toys. A really cute picture that it made, I gave it a caption that read Spot the real one?

What was I to infer that some innocent readers would actually take time off their busy day to circle the real baby and send it to us? Needless to say, the entire team shared a light moment where we lauded the effort of our reader, and even said, “Maybe, we should send her the Rs 300 that is kept for the photograph contributors. After all, she has spend some money, time and effort in couriering this photograph to us.”

Well, these moments are priceless, and the reactions precious, I really hope we get many more such, which can make mundane Mondays fun and cheerful. Keep the letters coming readers, we read all of them and savour them for every bit of their worth!

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