Sunday, October 05, 2008

rock showz

Well, it is the biggest festival time for Vaishnavites right now... With the Brahmotsavam happening at Tirupati. To certain extent, this could be like the Woodstock of these people. While I was watching the live telecast of the pujas on television, I just couldn't help notice how similar these big celebrations are to the biggest rock gigs. This was a discussion I was having with mum, as we sat together watching this while eating breakfast.
To begin with, both of these are rock shows. While at a concert, the auditory senses get to a heightened high, with visuals to match it, while in these Godly events, the visual senses are the main 'high'light and you have prayers, bells and chants to back it.
Secondly, at both these events, you have people who attain a certain high thanks to what they see/hear. This leads them to jump, dance and let loose as they achieve a sense of being unparalleled. If you don't believe so, try and see a repeat telecast of the Brahmotsavam and you will see a 60 year old priest jump and bang his head, with his long hair untied, just like Slash or James Hetfield at a concert.
Analogies are many more, the drum beats used in these big functions, are 8-beat and sometimes 16-beat, good enough to back up vocals of even System of a Down or even Cannibal Corpse.
Reading too much into too little? Well, maybe yes... But rock reminds me, anyone knows where to get tickets for the Def Lep gig?

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