Saturday, February 26, 2005

Arundhati Roy: Public Power in the Age of Empire

Arundhati Roy: Public Power in the Age of Empire

i HAD to have this in my blog :)
Roy Rockz!!


At 6:29 AM, Blogger Vetty Max said...

Sorry Sun, according to me Roy sucks.I consider her as one of my friends calls her...a loony leftist.

I agree with all her anti-US points.

The problem with her is that she seems hypocritical opposing globalisation, when the only reason she is so famous is globalisation.

Forums like the WSF holding meetings in places as far of as Porto Allegre and Mumbai are itself due to the same globalisation that Roy seems to be against.

Also she seems to consider the results of the last elections a result of Congress campaigning differently when it was just a result of an anti-incumbency wave. (shows a lack of understanding of the political realities in India.) Also the votes got by the Leftists are the ones that were anti-Congress, nothing that had to do with people voting against neo-liberalism's economic "reforms" and growing fascism.

Been a really long comment. If I still have he enthu will come back with more comments.

At 6:58 AM, Blogger Sunu said...

ahh seven
agreed roy does have her share of loopholes but which 'thinker' doesnt!
i enjoi roy for the following reasons
- she is extremely passionate on what she writes on (even to such an extent she gets melodramatic)
- she has the gall of standing out and making her stands loud and heard
- she does affect some change albeit in some remote manner
- her open stands and no quirms attitude is admirable
- her speech in the latest sydney peace prize was a complete example of what the woman is... (you HAVE to read it!) i'll mail it to you or even better blog it sometime soon

hmm well these are the reasons i admire her... in the times of women trying to well vye hard for getting on mag covers et al... roy is in a league apart! she does have her loop holes but the fact that she has taken the step and that too such a LOUD one is more than just commendable!!


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