Friday, February 25, 2005



The closet door was open,
With scattered clothes here and there.
The drawers lays down,
With accessories just flowing out.
The bed lay full,
With all the toys thrown here and there.
The floor was a mess,
With a comic here and a puzzle there.

But the little girl looked desperately,
With not a skipped corner.
But alas!
The search went with out any luck.
Nowhere she could find,
The lost happiness, the joy and the energy,
That she so dearly missed.


I’d like to tell you a story,
Not of any hero’s pomp or glory.
Instead of this little girl,
Whose future… didn’t really unfurl.

She was living next door,
To a guy you shall soon learn about more,
Who always used to shy away,
From be it school, friends or play.

He always wondered what was wrong,
For her silence all day long,
The more he tried to investigate,
The more she hid behind a shut gate.

And every night as he slept,
He could hear her as she wept;
He longed to hold and comfort her:
But who was he but a stranger?

The girl soon forgot what was smiling
I wonder if this is also a living.
The guy next door, still was helpless,
To find out the cause for this mess.

Days and weeks, soon became months,
She didn’t smile, not even once.
More she grew into her cocoon,
And alas! The inevitable did happen soon.

In the well they found her body lying,
Around, were friends and associates crying.
All wondering about one single clause,
‘What could have been the ultimate cause?’

The friendly neighbour was also puzzled,
Her death left him all the more muddled.
He went looking for her mother,
And found she had all but a father.

The father was not at all repentant,
But instead a slimy slithering serpent.
He was just desperate to hide,
From everyone, his evil and venomous side.

This is just one single instance,
Many’ve happened since thence.
When an innocent child did lose,
It’s life from this evil- Child Sexual Abuse.


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