Friday, February 18, 2005


men... let me specify... some of em!
such a problem aren't they? thick headed and daft... takes time for them to realise stuff...
sometimes i wonder why do we need the two genders and them being so different... but those are just naive thoughts all childlike, and these two different genders are quintessential to their counterparts' living
i dont understand why i am writing this blog even, but i shall continue to write nevertheless
these random disjointed thoughts though connected in all sum up to one question; why do i have to know the reason behind it all?!
ok i guess i have digressed completely from what i had thought of writing on... but i guessat 5 am... writing normal english with good comprehensible grammar and syntax is pardoned, irrespective of the flow of the thoughts
but i fail to understand what is the philosophy behind this naive questioning and the so-called childlike innocence...
well i agree i am inquisitive but am the least bit childlike... and i think that term is utterly overused and abused... and to top it all childlike innocence to me is unpardonably annoying!
hmm politics and philosophy do play a part in all... why that statement... i'd say as i have learnt from some of my pals its just 'arbit'... well pardon me now will you oh noble reader for my using of a non-existent word like arbit ... but again why should i ask your pardon... its just random ramblings here...
hmm have i used the work pardon a lot? i know i have eh...
but well i guess this much is just the end of pard-one of my writing... oh so you expect a part 2 of these arbit thoughts... well too bad buddy... guess it wont happen ever. why? cuz i say so!
well i just cant help to wonder if i read this all aloud i'd be easily branded delirious! but again i am delirious, like my blog says i am schizoid!
well talking of schizoid reminds me of this lecturer of mine and her teaching of virginia woolf! she actually made me fall in love with the woman's writing and thinking! woolf said we are all different people peopled into one person, and each of our identity exists independently with one persona of ours cumulatively representing us all! did that make sense? well hope it did... cuz its a beautiful explanation to our varied behaviour at various situations
ok i am bored of typing :) almost 5:30 am...
i shall be back that goes without saying! till then, thank you for reading this!


At 10:54 PM, Blogger L*J said...

Hey Su, [guarding my face against all projectiles] this blog is politically incorrect

At 11:40 PM, Blogger Sunu said...

it is?? how so??

At 12:32 PM, Blogger Jammy said...

men are thick-headed and daft??? u say that even after knowing me?:-S or is it only after knowing me?;)

Sun, u haven't given the reason why u believe men to be so.

At 7:35 PM, Blogger Sunu said...

jam i specified ;) some men... hehe
u know its one of those things that just result due to think headedness of the souls despite hajaar hints lol
hmmm never u mind... lol wasnt u for sure :P
also when u gettin back to bangy?
and yes that poem :) lovely!

At 2:38 AM, Blogger Jammy said...

Hey Sun, Thanks for the appreciation.
That's my first poem without rhyme. Didn't actually know if I should term it as a poem or as prose :D

oopsy, didn't notice that "some" part. Thick-headedness? Maybe

Will be in Bang for your birthday ;)


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