Friday, February 11, 2005

wokay nothin new but yes still new

hmmm we had a short story writing comp at work... and yeh not many entries turned up for it... extension of deadlines happened without saying! but in the meanwhile ... just to get another number up in the entry and for an amusing tea break ... i did a complete unoriginal original story hehehe
the idea was in my mind alright but the thought was rekindled after watching page 3...
so with the reusing of my own poetry that i did write earlier... i came up with a story which did churn out prettty interesting yet predictable...
here goes it :):)

Creeps – a naked encounter with reality…

An eerie feeling crept in as the fogged images cleared only to be replaced by something more definite. Realization dawned on what lay ahead as I took the road leading to perdition…
Yes I get prosaic, and when I do, a prozac can’t help out, as Monday morn blues leave me with no excuse.

I reach office. I still have the weekend hangover. All I can think of is, my weedie blues can beat my Monday morn blues anyday. I start chuckling over this, and suddenly I get poetic. I needed something to amuse myself. So random musings and thoughts I start penning down.

a cup of coffee

a book to read
a sudden spark
give my thought a lead
i begin writing
with an excited tone
to get cut off thought
by a ringing phone
oh! is this boredom
or something more
i really dont know
but my minds gone obscure
i write and writeto my greatest delight
i rhyme and rhyme
with all my might
a sudden whiff of aromas
from the canteen side
make my thoughts go vary
and my writing goes for a ride
joyous and merry
i head canteen-wards
oh look oh look oh look
i'm actually coining new english words!
i get back to see
what more can i pen
confused i cant recall
my thought process went haywire when
so i decide this is enough
i should put a full stop
as scratching the head for the lost idea
should not make me go over the top!

I stand there admiring my poetic genius self, and cannot help but imagine why I landed up in a mundane job like this where there’s a threat to my mad intellect.
I read and I cry inside, why does life have to be so cruel? Why do the politics of gender have to be so harsh? Why couldn’t I do what I want?
TRING TRING! The phone rings… I pick it with dreaded hesitation. Not again! I get reprimanded for walking in late by 2 minutes… why do they have to pick on me? Is it my fault I was born this way? This is the 21st century and they have a problem with my sexuality. Yes I am a eunuch! You heard that right! What? You are now going to hesitate and take that handshake of yours back?
Go ahead… I am used to it. I have no problem with the same. If you choose to ignore my credits of topping my mass communication course and being an all India champion quizzer, and ignore me for my physical appearance, you can very well do it.

There my goes my day… the same ol’ way…

I switch on my favorite mp3 and hum along the lines.


Stained the floor lies
With blood off the wrist
The delicate veins lie cut
The knife found it’s ultimate match
Powerful as much as it may be
The delicate veins proved to be a shade better
By submitting to the jagged edge of the knife
The duel was won by the vein.
History and myths have shown
The weak yet courageousHave always conquered the over-whelming
David triumpheth over Goliath again
The floor now seems covered
Covered by victory
Covered by ecstasy
Covered by triumphant megalomania
Has man conquered death?
Or was it destiny that wrote this chapter?
Confusion lies hazy in the background
But human spirit prevails nonetheless
Freedom attained amongst irony.
Quite symbolic of life itself
Irony that free from the womb you come alive
To be trapped in the life and then die
To release the self to eternal freedom and bliss

I get more depressed … I find myself opening my private folder and looking at my poetry.

There comes this voice calling me

Is it from down below
Or is it someone from above
I fail to find out each time
But one things for sure
It is not from a place known or seen
Not from this world it seems.
Beckoning me to a place
A world that’s far from all I know
All I can imagine.
It does not assure me happiness
Nor does it show signs of pain
But this enticing place sure does reach out within
Speaking to a part of me I never knew existed.
Come closer it calls
To what seems a place more welcoming than home
This scares me, terrifies me,
Yet at the same time
Stimulates within me an excitement,
An eagerness that only exclaims,
“Death! Here I come!”

I am a coward… I know… I can only write … I can’t act… and sit there editing yet another story of a cheesy socialite gaining publicity thru being ‘socially aware’


At 10:28 PM, Blogger L*J said...

Has man conquered death?
Or was it destiny that wrote this chapter?


At 11:32 PM, Blogger jax said...

su,you are su-premely talented!! hats off! this and the comment on on lyn's blog. too much!

At 11:13 PM, Blogger Divya said...

Absoultely Brilliant girl!!

At 1:28 AM, Blogger Jammy said...

"a sudden whiff of aromas
from the canteen side
make my thoughts go vary"

u might wonder how I'm able to spot only the humour from a "seriously nice";) story. Well, to quote yourself, "Is it my fault I was born this way? " ;)


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