Saturday, July 09, 2005


Death has taken him from me
Blame on all on destiny
No tears
No cries
Left with a bouquet of memories
Resignation makes me say he’s happier there
With God he will remain with me
But this is just acceptance
Of a sorrow, a grief
A void I know since thence
Yet these lame reasons – I think. I use.
For life has brought me
From yesterday to today.

mmm dunno why but i mish you so much... more than ever before! cant believe it is 2 yrs 3 months and a few days gone!
whyyy! why do you have to be so goddamn unfair to me life?
words fail me like never before! and reason you seem alien
where is the solace when i need it...
i cant identify with people around
i cant seem to think straight
i seem to be faltering at every stage
is it wrong for me to move on
is it wrong pray tell me so
why cant i join you up there instead
with so much running throug in my head
i need you to be here to guide me
i want you to be there to lead me
i ask of to come back and forgive me
i feel so low that i just cant be!
pain seems enticing
should i hurt myself
oh i cant make anything of life
and death seems even more ambiguous
tragedy and comedy yoked together
life you're so bloody fucked up
yesterday like the song says
all my troubles seemed so far away
today all i see is
a tomorrow which is nothin to look forward to
will you come and help me
will you come and take me
will you come and save me
will you i plead will you

all i hear in my head is is small voice that shouts gettin louder by the minute... SAVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ME!


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