Sunday, August 29, 2004

Ashes! Ashes! We all fall down

Fallen, bruised and shattered
She lay in disarray.
What had happened nobody she told.
Silence conquered.
Pain overflowed and time froze.
Nobody noticed, nobody cared.
What was to happen? What did happen?
Only things that were concrete,
Were salty tears
And battered heart.
A faint cry went out.
Despair, desolation, depression
Only were omnipresent.
What could happen?

Help finally arrives!

"Amake niye khali dhostadhosti korben na, amake ja bolben ami korbo (Just don't push me around, I will do as told)"

How ironic these lines of Dhananjoy Chatterjee are. A 14-year-old saga comes to an end. Dhananjoy Chatterjee, the inhumane beast, who brutally raped innocent Hetal Parekh, a student of Welland Goldsmith School, in 1990, was hanged on his 41st birthday early on Saturday, 14th August in the morning.
Where does this lead India to? The answer is a superabundance of arguments and counter-arguments based on the much-debated topic of Capital Punishment and the ethical side to the essential human right to live.
The fact remains nonetheless that a brutal assassin has been silenced and justice has been catered to. With the hanging of Dhananjoy there seems to have sprung in a never seen before side of credibility given to the Indian Judiciary. This hanging is definitely an alarm to the criminals. Women’s Rights Activist Meera Swaminathan rightly says Death penalty for Dhananjoy would act as a deterrent to those who think that they could get away with any crime.
Arguments, questions, debates and disputes, these will definitely be a part of the scene, but what comes after a very long awaited is the justice to the weak, the fallen and more importantly to the rightful.


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