Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Blues or Permanent Muse?

The sweetest songs are those that speak our saddest thought
Sang a romantic fool
I agree
I identify
I wonder
Am I thus a melancholic person?
Does it mean
That’s life’s short of joy
That sorrow is the only thing I can enjoy
Whether I have lost
My sense to feel happiness
Am I paralysed in this respect?

Or is it life that has taken me ahead?

Stream of consciousness
Passive acceptance
Spiritual Aridity
Virtual insanity
Who am I?
Caught in the labyrinth
With no space to move
We have nothing to do but pray
To escape being the spiders prey
Simple complications
Waiting hopelessly
Dying helplessly
All for a punctuated
Melancholy, I love thee;
Without you where would I be?
Amidst life’s innumerable shades of emotions
You stand out the best.
You are the reason why life goes on,
For without you we would be stuck in a moment
The momentary excitement of the joy that exists
Is only made felt with the understanding of you
You the almighty omnipresent melancholy.
So promise me that with you by me
Is how it shall be.


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