Monday, November 29, 2004


a cup of coffee
a book to read
a sudden spark
give my thought a lead
i begin writing
with an excited tone
to get cut off thought
by a ringing phone
oh! is this boredom
or something more
i really dont know
but my minds gone obscure
i write and write
to my greatest delight
i rhyme and rhyme
with all my might
a sudden whiff of aromas
from the canteen side
make my thoughts go vary
and my writing goes for a ride
joyous and merry
i head canteen-wards
oh look oh look oh look
i'm actually coining new english words!
i get back to see
what more can i pen
confused i cant recall
my thought process went haywire when
so i decide this is enough
i should put a full stop
as scratching the head for the lost idea
should not make me go over the top!